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What a Difference a Day Makes...

Just over two weeks being in Valencia and I’m never coming home… Sorry mum! The weather is perfect, the people so far have been perfect and the amount of 1€ beer consumed has also been pretty perfect.

One thing that wasn’t quite so perfect though…. Arriving. It was difficult! From missing busses, over paying for trains and not quite knowing how to get into my building I thought I’d never get to my new home in one piece- but I did! I rang the buzzer and up I went. Two girls, one Romanian and one Chilean, greeted me… And only one spoke English. I immediately felt lost and with the language barrier already proving to be a problem, I didn’t think I’d last very long. After a whirlwind few days meeting the rest of my housemates, partying until morning on the beach and trying (so hard) to improve my Spanish I finally felt a little settled into my new adventure in this beautiful new city.

Just as I thought I was conquering this new Spanish life, university threw its first curveball of many and made enrolment seem like hell on earth. Three weeks on and I’m still struggling to know if the classes I’ve chosen are confirmed; but I’m surviving! As much as university has been a headache so far I have to admit I still love it. My campus is glorious and everyone I’ve spoken to so far has been nothing but pleasant.


I cannot explain to you how great these past few weeks have been. I’ve done nothing but enjoy myself since I’ve been here; from meeting some of the most fascinating people whose traits and lifestyles I thought were impossible, hiking through Valencian mountains to find waterfalls with crystal clear waters to swim in, spending hours on the beach getting busy doing nothing or throwing surprise-beach-birthday-parties and so many other things that I can’t quite fit in… Its been an experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Oh- and my Spanish is getting better day by day!

AC :)

(Just a side note; while I write this I’m sitting on a balcony with some sangria in 30oC weather with the view that accompanies this post... Salud!)

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