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Wednesday Reboot: Dating Profile or Job Application?

I've come to realise that life is a little harder than expected... And a little more expensive and full of rejection and disappointment but don't let that put you off!

The big bad world has been a big shock for myself and, I'm hoping, everyone else in my boat. Going from pretty much getting all I wanted in uni to getting nothing that I want now has been a bit of a culture shock. Job applications are asking recent graduates for 56 years experience in a similar field as well, 10s across the board and offering a salary that allows us to eat baked beans on toast for every meal in our foreseeable futures. It's HARD.

Knowing where to start is even harder. Looking for jobs has consisted of typing "communications grad schemes" or "journalism graduate programmes" into Google which, surprisingly, hasn't churned out the perfect job for me thus far. Putting little to no thought into what sector I want to be in also hasn't eased my search. Communications for the NFU? Publishing for Woodworking Craft Magazine? WHERE DO I START!?

Over the weekend someone said to me, "Anya, look at this as a dating profile. What would you list as your interests?" Now, to start? Why didn't I think of this approach! And to finish? Bloody brilliant! I began to list my interests quite basically; travel, wine, food. This is fine as a launching pad but I needed to dig a little deeper and get more than three categories. Once I came up with a few more headings (which I'll admit included two more additions of 'wine' and a separate group for 'boys') I was a bit lost at what to do next.

We'll call the person who sat me down and talked me through this Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo took my categories and started scribbling underneath them and I was a little confused! When she had finished, she had at least one company written down under each heading. I added more and ended up with about 25-30 companies listed.

Looking at all the words, names and companies in front of me was both daunting and relieving. I was scared at the amount of time I have to research and apply to so many individual schemes but also so relieved I had a place to start.

Right now, I'm still only starting this process myself but I'm excited! Being excited about this process is not something I've been and now that I am? I might be a little (or a lot) more productive.

(Ps, love you JC and thank you for being you x)

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