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Rant; nearly over

​I think I must have tried to start this piece three or four times. Did I want to write about positivity after the most recent terror attacks? Did I want to let off steam about how shit modern day dating is? Or did I just want to tell you what I was going to try and stick to as my "new year resolutions"? I just couldn't think of a topic to settle on so I decided to write about them all :-)



I am a very emotional person. If I hear a child crying in a shopping mall, I will turn around to see if they're okay and be genuinely sad for a few moments because a 4 year old should always be running around and full of energy- not shedding a tear. This being said, you can probably guess how upset I get when I hear of the multitude of terror attacks that have happened over the past two years. I don't know much about these organisations that carry out such attacks and to be very honest I don't want to know. All that's relevant to me is the fact they are causing misery and killing lives of innocent people who were unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Take the Paris attacks for example; the people killed had merely gone to a concert that night and had the soul intention of listening to music, dancing and having a good time. I always get a sense of unity when I am at a concert because everyone there has something in common. They enjoy the music the artist is performing and the atmosphere in a venue is second to none. If truth be told, I would go to a concert just to bask in the atmosphere that ignites. So I can't understand why anyone would enter such an uplifting place and murder innocent people. These attacks are starting to stop people from living their lives and the only way to beat the horror that comes with the attacks is to keep living to the fullest. Keep travelling, keep exploring and keep going and doing whatever on earth you want to do; and definitely still go to concerts.

Rant #1 over.


I recently read an article on modern day dating and how blooming awful it is. Being a 20/21 year old in the modern world means dating primarily takes place over a screen. Whether it be your mobile or your laptop, there is just no actual face-to-face-get-to-know-you-hey-how-you-doin-can-I-get-you-a-drink-or-cheesey-chatup-line anymore. In addition to this, we have to play games with each other so we don't seem too keen or too easy. Gone are the days of saying 'I like you! Lets go on a date!'. Now, all we have to go by is a text that has been read at 14:34 and replied to at 18:57 while trying to not stalk their social medias or send out an ambitious tweet that we hope might get their attention. Don't get me wrong- I'm guilty of the social media stalks and aimed posts in the past but gone are the days I care that much. The day I find someone who doesn't love the thrill of tinder and actually asks for a date is the day I'll start believing in romance again.

I believe all girls, and guys actually, who are single and trying their hardest to get someone interested in them have this same problem. I'm writing from my point of view which inevitably means I'm bias towards men being the only problem here but I realise girls can be as bad, if not worse. Some may say I'm old fashioned, but I refuse to be one of those people that meets someone in a club, goes back to theirs and then has said boy rushing about my head for the next few weeks. Will he text me? Should I text him? B. O. R. I. N. G.

If you like someone, tell them. If you don't, tell them. Simple.*

Rant #2 over.


The words "New Year Resolutions" make me shudder. We all start our new rules for life with "I should" which, for me at least, does nothing but deter me from actually sticking to my new plans. What's wrong with how I've been living the previous year? Should I really drink less wine? Has it done me so much damage in the year(s) gone by? No it has not. If you or I want to change how much wine we drink then then we shall, but we definitely shouldn't tell ourselves that we should not drink as much.

So with this being said, I won't tell myself what I should or should not do. Instead, I give myself guidelines to what I want to do over 2017.

I want to be more organised which in turn has lead to my interest in bullet journaling. I'm the type of person that has three to-do lists sitting in the bottom of my purse which never get done, along with an extra two shopping lists and possibly another to-do list on my phone... And they all overlap. It's so inconsistent, it's so hard to keep a track of and I think I finally want to become more organised. Especially if I'm going into final year next year; I think I finally need to get my organisational skills into gear.

*I starred a little sentence earlier in this article which referred to telling someone how you feel. I am so bored of hiding what I want to say because I'm scared of rejection or I have the fear that someone will lose interest in me because I don't agree exactly with their point of view. Well, from now on I will tell you what I think, how I feel and what I want because honestly, what have I got to lose?

Another thing I defiantly want is to travel more. I'm lucky enough to live in Spain, so why have I not traveled more in Spain? Why have I not taken advantage of living in Mainland Europe and not seen more of Europe? I seem to like to spend money on clothes but no more! Girlboss Sophia Amoruso says, "Money looks better in the bank than on your feet" and I believe money looks just as good in pictures of where we've travelled as it does in bank accounts.

One last thing; when I turned 20 I believed that I would suddenly change into the elegant and sophisticated person I always wanted to be and drinking prosecco and wearing fancy clothes would become the norm. However, I can guarantee you that I stayed the exactly the same. Just because I don't have champagne breakfasts every morning (or any morning) doesn't mean that being 20 hasn't been fabulous. No matter what, you can't change who you are so please don't try. Everyone is amazing as they are, and they'll continue to be amazing as they change.

Cheers to 2017!

Rant: over!

AC :)

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