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"I'm Thankful I have a Cup"

"When asked if my cup is half-full or half empty, my only response is that I'm thankful I have a cup" - Sam Lefkowitz

I've been wanting to write about how grateful and appreciative I've been for a lot of people in my life recently and after recent events, now seemed like the perfect time to let people know how much I value them.

I recently turned 21 and, in case you missed my 437 social media posts, I had an amazing few days. I've never enjoyed birthdays away from home before and that usually has been because I've been disappointed in the people I had around me; but not this year. My mother, although she was over 1000 miles away, had such a big role in making the day very special. She's never been one for a lot of surprises and her wrapping skills peak, much to my disappointment, at putting presents in festive bags. However, this year the winds must have changed because not only did she surprise me with a photo album filled with pictures from the past and present, but she also sent me over a box filled with small gifts- and guess what? They were all wrapped! With bows!

I was also lucky enough to be spoilt rotten by my flatmates and friends in VLC. They literally went all out for me, which I never expected them to do. I have never felt so loved in my life. My kitchen was decorated, there was glitter everywhere and everyone I adored was in one room. Unfortunately most of these people have now left Valencia and if I'm honest the goodbyes were worse than I would have imagined. I didn't think in five months I would have found people I hope I know for the rest of my life.

After the birthday festivities were over, I got a call to fly home as soon as I could. My Nana was my second mum. She looked after me when my mum worked, she fed the ducks with me in the park and she helped me when I was learning to ride a bike. She was, and quite frankly I believe still is, the backbone in our family. I’m sorry she or we never realised how admired, loved and cherished she was until she passed. As a family we believed 30 or maybe 40 people would turn up to her funeral so you can only imagine how surprised we were when over 120 people came together to celebrate the woman that I am so lucky to have called my Nana.

This post has mostly been about Valencia and my two mothers, but I also want to say how grateful I am for the friends I have made at university in Liverpool. I had plans to have two of my closest amigas in VLC the weekend just passed and I was very excited to have the two of them in my company for 3 days. I met them at the metro station and I was immediately met with love. It made me happy that even after nearly one year apart, without much whatsapping or messaging in-between, our friendship felt instantly as strong as it had been before. Just as I was about to walk away to show these two lovely ladies where I lived, I was surprised by three more of my friends from Liverpool. My heart was about to burst and as you can imagine, I cried (a lot) in disbelief. Es verdad, mi amigas son las mejores del mundo ♡.

Soppy emotional post over. I love everyone in my life right now and no matter what life throws at me, I'm always just going to be thankful to have a cup.

Ps, I thought everyone could get some giggles from this video of my friends surprising me... Enjoy and sorry for the quality!

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