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10 Things to Definitely Pack into your Erasmus Wardrobe

So apparently it does actually get cold in Spain. Who knew!?

I read many blogs and articles about what to pack before I bundled up as much of my life as possible for moving country; and one thing I kept ignoring was the "as much as you won't think you'll need one, bring a winter coat." So with my summer clothes packed, SPF on and my sunglasses in hand, I set off.

It has been uncharacteristically warm in Valencia up until now. In September we basked in 37 degree heat and in October it remained significantly warm- we even managed to squeeze in the occasional beach day! I'm pretty sure my most used phrase until Halloween was, "flip, shorts weather in October! You wouldn't get that in England!"

I was certain I was just immune to the cold weather of this foreign country when I was still walking to uni in shorts and a top while looking at the locals in their jeans, jumpers and jackets; however I was blissfully unaware that the season in Valencia was about to change. The next thing I know November has hit and unfortunately, brought the wind with it.

With 97% of my Valencian wardrobe being my summer clothes, this change in temperatures has been hard to cope with. However, being the summer and sun worshiper I am I've decided that come rain or shine (literally) I will stay true to my roots and the legs are staying out as long as possible.*

With that said, I've complied a list of 10 things I believe every Erasmus+ student needs in their wardrobe, no matter what season they're going to be exposed to.

1. A winter coat.


(As I said before, this is on literally every "must take" list you'll read and it's the truest of them all. Believe me when I say you'll become acclimatised and need one sooner or later.)

2. Long pyjama bottoms.

For when you finally realise that cute pyjama set you've been sporting for the past few months is just not doing the trick... And stop caring about what your other flatmates think.

3. Slippers/slipper socks.

For when the floors are cold and the flip flops you've been substituting for slippers don't keep your toes warm anymore.

4. Work out clothes and proper trainers.

For when you've eaten out too much and all those beers are catching up on you...

(Regardless of your fitness level, you'll wish you had these with you when you're abroad. The chances of living with a fitness freak is high and when you compare their body or routine to yours, it's highly likely you'll start to change your ways or even ask if you can join in with them on their workouts; so its best to be prepared.)

5. Jumpers.

For when 21 degrees starts to feel cold.

(Again, something I was certain I wouldn't need and again, I was wrong. You'll never realise how useful a good jumper is unless you're cold, really desperate for one and without your favourite.)

6. Boots.

For when plimsoles just won't allow for slipper socks AND shoes.

7. Hot water bottle.

For the nights when not even your duvet, three hoodies and four pairs of socks is keeping you warm..

8. Jeans.

For the days not even tights can shield you from the cold.

9. Dressing gown.

For walking around your freezing flat with when your boiler stops working.

10. Denim jacket and leather jacket.

For every outfit ever. You can never go wrong with one of these staple pieces.

AC :)

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